No caller ID when I receive calls on 4G


Oct 27, 2020
I am in the Netherlands and on a dutch carrier Vodafone. When people call me I don’t see their caller ID. Tested it with 2 other networks and on both I can see who is calling me.

What strange is that when I switch to 3G network it works but on 4G network I can’t see caller ID when receiving calls.

I tried deleting caches but I don’t wanna do to much to it because it is still within the warranty period. I just don’t wanna send it in and be left without my phone for weeks.

I am on MIUI 11 btw

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Apr 17, 2019
Do you have saved contacts phone numbers in full format? E. G. +421 903 888 888
For some operators, numbers must be stored in this full format.

Do you have saved contacts in Google?
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