New no dual sim support for 3rd party sms app (google messages)

Imra Imra

Dec 12, 2020
I'd like to use Google Messages (and Phone by Google) apps.

I'm on Mi9T. The G Messages worked with last stable rom (12.0.2) and I could choose which sim to use for sending sms. But after upgrading to weekly roms (20.12.2 and 20.12.10), the support has gone. I even tried different settings with "adb shell settings put global multi_sim_sms" (null, 0, -1 instead of 1 which should mean to always use sim 1) but nothing helped, no choice, only sim 1. (The choice which sim to use is still available in the system sms app.)

(I didn't tried Phone by Google on stable rom so I don't know but the support on weekly roms is not good either. It respects the system settings which sim to use for calling (1, 2, ask). But if the default sim is chosen, there is no way to use the other one. Maybe bug/missing feature in the app but it makes the app effectively useless too.)

(I cannot return to stable rom because it was horrible with fingerprint scanner – it read so badly that there was nearly no chance to unlock the phone by it.)