No Service issue

Feb 2, 2013
Hi all,

Few days ago I finally received my Mi2 but there's this one weird issue which I cant seem to solve or find a solution for, I hope someone can help me out here. :)

So first of all, I got my phone from *******, everything works fine, I can boot into recovery mode, 2 partitions etc, it doesn't seem to be a fake phone.

The problem:
I lose mobile network constantly, I get the message 'No Service' instead of my provider (KPN/Simyo, its in the Netherlands).

- It stays like that for a minute or so, sometimes less and reconnects itself, there's no reboot needed for that.
- Using only WiFi or no WiFi doesn't seem to make any difference
- Location, gps everything is ON

* Without sim card inserted happens the same, first it says 'No SIM card' and then randomly it says 'No Service'. <- I first though perhaps the provider / sim card was to blame, even though it works fine in my old phone, but the issue occurs without sim card inserted.

I've tried using the default ROM which was on the phone, updated to JLB11.0 stable version, made no difference, then updated to MIUI rom from here, 3.2.22, still the same. I can call, send messages, data 3G works, it just reconnects randomly?

I've searched the forums, couldn't find anything like this so that's why I decided to start a topic because it is a very annoying issue :/ Could it be caused by location / gps settings or something?

some additional info

Baseband version: M9615A-CEFWMAZM-2.0.128007
Kernel version: 3.4.0-g44e0c69-gdb47971
Build number: MIUI-3.2.22 JRO03L

Any help and advice is appreciated, thank you!