Noise During Calls And Audio Recordings


May 10, 2017
Hi all, I'm new here. I have bought my first Xiaomi device (2 days ago) and I have a dubt about my problem. I want to know if is hardware or software to decide if I must change it with a new one.
During calls on the other side say to me there are some little noise, the normal call is not very annoying, but the noise is more high with the microphone of headset. With some voip apps is better, probably the software reduce the problem, for example with Whatsapp, but with Hangout is very very terrible, it seems to be a radio not tuned (and this is the main test if you want to try to replicate this problem).

If I try to record audio the first second is all noisy, then is more soft...

Someone had the same problem ? I can try some fix or other test for finally say if the problem is hardware or software ?

Thanks guys

Device: Redmi 4 Pro
ROM: MIUI Global 8.2 | Stable (MBEMIDL)