Noob needs help flashing EU rom - Questions!


Dec 1, 2020
Hi all,

First off, sorry for what is probably very basic questions - I have looked everywhere online, read countless guides and yet still managed to mess up.

I got my Mi 10 (umi) a while back and unlocked the phone. After trying to install an EU rom and doing what I thought was the correct instructions, I managed to softbrick my phone. Using the MiFlash tool I was able to install a global rom (current version 12.0.6).

I would like to try again and install Xiaomi EU rom again as I would like dual SIM card functionality.

Can anyone please send me a comprehensive guide? I am an absolute noob at this.

- Do I need a specific ADB driver / install package for the Mi 10 (umi)? Where can I find the official download for this?

- Do I need a specific TWRP for the Mi 10 (umi)? If so, where can I find the official download?

- Where can I find the best, stable and easiest to flash EU rom for the Mi 10 (umi)?

- I would like to be able to use banking apps like Google Pay and so on after flashing the EU rom (currently my phone fails CTS profile match in SafetyNet test after using the MiFlash) - how can I do this?

Thank you in advance everyone!

Mark F

Aug 15, 2020
I'm using a 10 ultra, my CTS fails but still able to use banking and gpay. I have attached a PDF for really the 10 ultra but it might help. The twrp and latest ROMs are in the downloaded page of the forum or, just remember, make an off phone backup first as you must wipe ( format data) when switching to a different branch ROM. If you don't format, you may end up where you were.
Download your ROM to your pc.
Go to fastboot, install twrp using your PC.
Boot to twrp. Do not reboot to system or twrp will get overwritten.
Copy over your ROM.
Install the ROM from your pc.
Format Data using twrp, this will include wiping cache and dalvik too

On updates, just wipe dalvik and cache, do not format or wipe data.

Don't forget attached is really for 10 ultra but it might help my friend.


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