Normal Temperature When Using Phone(not Gaming)

Jan 27, 2015
Can you post your battery temperatures when using the phone - browsing, messaging, multitasking, stuff like this? My mi3 gets to more than 38 Celsius just by that, on wifi, not using performance mode, without any covers with MIUI 5.3.27(updated, cache cleared), battery losing about 1% every 2 minutes. I barely get to 3 hours SOT.
Jan 23, 2015
27.1 here.. wifion, browsing and some whatsapp under it.

- Balanced mode
- from Trickster mod: ON Temperature Throttle
- miui v.5

On least +10 lol

A suggestion: you must verify some settings about the kernel. See if the "Mp decison" is flagged On. If so, maybe your device does not digest correctly the default switch of temperatures/hz by the mp decision (it is a qualcomm script to adjust your setting, similar to the governor interactive i think). Then you should create some tweak on settings kernel that your device can get in, so changing governor ..but if you make so, flagg off "mp decision"