Not able to loggin to Xiaomi account or Google


Feb 28, 2022
Hi all, I can't identify the problem with my daughter's phone and need your help...
I'll trie to just describe it.

Phone Manufacturer: Xiaomi
Model: M2101K7BNY Redmi Note 10s 6GB RAM 128 ROM

Google account associated with account is my daugther's (underage) so I have parental control and made some restriction with it.

Since the weekend morning, my daughter turns on phone, and gets an error message stating that you have been signed out from Google, and ask to sign in again. But when I try to sign in it stuck in that loading box, no error message. I pressed back and try again the same thing. I check Settings > Accounts > Google the username is still there, but indicators stating failed sync. I try to add other account or remove existing account all failed.

Then i realize in notification bar that Xiaomi account is also signed out, so I try to sign in but failed with no error message. It's just back to sign in page again. I try to sign in from Settings > Mi Account but the same thing happens.

No other account has problems, such as WhatsApp or games etc (as long as the account not related to Google's).
The Play Store, doens't allow to install anything also...

So normally, I turn to Factory Reset, but this is where it gets complicated for me. When I press "Erase all data" a message appeared "Action not allowed: If you have questions, contact your IT admin", so I press "Learn more", then it went to Device Admin page with Family Link Manager turn on. There is "Deactivate this device admin app" button but greyed out and can't be pressed.

I guess the main problem is not being able to sign in to google and Mi account, so everything that I did remotely from parent account can't reach the phone since it's logged out.

I have try researching but it required the phone to be sign in to Mi Account, or the phone to be set in Developer Mode, which can't be done since it locked by parental control.

So from this point on the phone can be used but no App that requires Google Account such as Google Play Store, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, Youtube, etc.

Please help me and any experience with this is much appreciated.

Jul 1, 2022
Hey Bruno! In case you haven't figured it out I can help since I had the exact same problem. You need to go to your child's phone settings, accounts and sync and then remove their google account. Then you can just re-add it and you're good to go! Cheers :)
- Apollo


Aug 4, 2022
I tried the response above but i still cant log into google on my phone. But i can in the browser