Note 8 Stuck on reboot loop after activating pointer location


Sep 3, 2021
Just as the title says, I use a drawing tablet so to use it on the phone I activate the pointer location on the developer options to do some calibration, i did this sometimes on MIUI 11. But after updating to MIUI tho, some things were not working right, but I didn't mind much. Yesterday I wanted to draw, connected the tablet, but it was not being detected properly, so to check if there was some weirdness going on I activated the pointer location, then the screen turned black and didn't respond at all, I restarted the phone with the power button and now it's stuck in a reboot loop, on the Redmi logo, after a while it opens some "main menu" where I can -Reboot -Wipe Data or -Connect with MIAssistant. If i press power + volume down it shows me the fastboot screen. Of course i cannot wipe my data from the phone, maybe there is a way to go back to an older version of MIUI? Or maybe the latest one? Maybe just some way of deactivating the pointer with this fastboot thing could work?

PD: I downloaded the latest ROM for the Note 8 (MIUI V12.0.6.0.QCOMIXM) from the Xiaomi site on my computer, in case it might be used.
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