New Notification sound and vibration appearing for no reason while playing audio (Whatsapp voice chats i.e.)


Oct 30, 2020
Hi everyone!
I was searching for this issue but couldn't find a topic so i created a new one. If there was a topic already, excuse me.

So, recently I bought the Mi 10T pro 6/128GB.
It's MIUI (QJDEUXM) and Android 10 QKQ1.200419.002

Since the first day the device persistently vibrates while in silent mode or plays notification sounds all the time while I'm listening to Whatsapp voice messages. This also happens if I'm playing an embedded Youtube video, say, from google search app results. While I'm playing audio from Spotify or Youtube Android app this does not seem to happen.
If I want to listen to a Whatsapp audio message I have to put the device into silent mode and then it just vibrates as opposed to when the notification sound is on when it plays the notification sounds in loop over the audio I am listening.
I tried downloading the latest package and installing it anew but it didn't help. Also, turned off NFC since I read that sometimes NFC picks up other enabled devices and vibrates but it is not the case with my device. Tried multiple combinations with sounds and vibrations but nothing stops this annoying bug.

Can anyone maybe help?

Thanks! Cheers!