New Option "show SIM-card memory" shows : total 0/1006 occupied.


Jul 28, 2018
Device: Redmi S2 global/4G/64
First of all, I am a bloody beginner with Xiaomi, sorry, and also with Android system, and English is not my mother language.

Current problem: I really dont know if it is a bug.
I put in a SIM card with 205 contacts.
These 205 contacts are also showing up, but "local, on device only".
At :"show SIM-card memory" it shows : total 0/1006 occupied. (English/German: total=Gesamt, occupied=Belegt) pls. see screen shot
No problem in functionality of the phone, so far.
-Got no error message like ''put in SIM'' etc.
-But at "import/export contacts" there is no option any more "copy/save/export contacts to SIM".
Only: "import from device > Create contact in the account > local on device only > vCardFiles"
It don’t say "contacts". Is that the same? I actual could restore my contacts after deinstalling Viber-App using ''all vCardFiles'', bcs. Viber-contacts are exactly all my phone contacts.
-When I create a new contact, it dont show me the option ''save on SIM'' any more.
-At “export to device” > export contacts it says: "your list of contacts will be stored in file : /mnt/sdcard/00003.vcf"
At File Manager I cannot see such a file.
And I don’t even have a SDcard inserted.
I don’t know if that is of any significance, that happened after deinstalling Viber-DualApp. I had to deinstall bcs. “sticker market-site” blocked, won’t stop loading. Nothing helps, so I deinstalled both Apps.
The first time I inserted the same SIM card, everything was fine. It showed me exactly:
205 on phone, local, 205 on SIM.
The SIM card is new and ok, checked with several other phones.
I already did 15 restarts, and 15 times changed the SIM-slots...nothing changed.

What can/must I do to get rid of that crazy figure of contacts in SIM-memory? :emoji_thinking:


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