Original Xiaomi Recovery Starts Instead Of Twrp Recovery

Discussion in 'Xiaomi Mi Mix 2' started by Christian Melcher, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Christian Melcher

    Oct 12, 2017
    Hopefully someone can help me!?

    I bougt the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, a georgeous phone!

    1. I unlocked the bootloader. No Problem!
    2. I installed the Xiaomi twrp chiron by fastboot. No Problem!
    3. I solved the Problem with the encrypted storage! Yes!!!
    4. I started twrp out of fastboot mode and flashed the Image 7.9.22 from a usb-stick and it works! Wonderful!

    But I can´t boot directly into twrp with power button and volume up button. In this combination the original Xiaomi Recovery is starting!!! You can´t do anything with this recovery instead of wipe.The phone doesnt start into twrp with this key shortcut. The only possibility is to start twrp from fastboot mode. Does anyone has a solution for this Problem? Is twrp the Problem? Did I make a mistake?

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