HTC Pairing WiiMote with HTC Sensation for N64

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    This is something I have been trying for a long time.
    I never had any success with any apps besides BluezIME and I had no success at all running HTC Sense.
    I'm trying this because I want to play some old N64 games while going by train.
    After Installing MIUI 2.4.13_Full_EN_DE_4.0 I had one single successfull attempt on 3rd or 4th try with BluezIME1.14 and N64oid2.6.2 and I actually got 1 Star on SMStar Roads doing this. Because the WiiMote didn't go off by itself I disconnected it manually.

    I couldn't get it to work ever again since that with over one hundred attempts including 20+ times reinstalling the BluezIME and N64oid apps, 5 or 6 fullwipes, switching to MIUI 2.4.20 and then to 2.4.27 and
    switching to BluezIME1.16 with HID-enabler package and N64oid 2.6.3
    I also tried the Bluetooth.apk from here:
    with no positive effect.

    Yesterday I did actually pair the WiiMote with BluezIME1.16 once more after uninstalling the app via App-Manager instead of just drag'n'drop-uninstalling on launcher screen, (and reinstalling of course.) but then N64oid didn't recognize the pairing and didn't allow me to select a driver (the option was grayed out and he didn't find the already paired Mote so I couldn't play with it. Makes a half successfull attempt.)
    Since that I had another 20 attempts including one Fullwipe and reinstalling the Apps via Dropbox but didn't get another pairing success at all.

    I also tried 3 or 4 other WiiMote Pairing apps without any successful attempts, but I guess that would have been meaningless anyway, because N64oid only works with BluezIME afaik.

    The developer of N64oid says the pairing issues have to do with BluezIME, while the BluezIME developer says that the pairing issues have to do with the rom.
    I think neither of these both apps, nor the MIUI-Rom was coded 100% perfectly flawless, but perhaps you can help me.
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    Also in 1 of 40 cases when pairing failed in BluezIME-App and then I try to connect via N64oid I can actually input a PIN because for no apparent reason he switched back to Swiftkey X-IME. (If I switch to Swiftkey X-IME manually the BluezIME-app never tries to connect while the n64oid-app always grays out the driver-Button which is grayed out most of the time anyway, but always when switching to Swiftkey X-IME after failed pairing attempt.)
    In that special case maybe this post from Stackoverflow would help in acutually pairing the wiiMote:
    but how do I get the bytes of the device address?

    edit: Pairing works perfectly fine in 10/10 attempts with USB/BT Joystick Center which proves, that the problem lies indeed in the app and not in the rom.
    Still I can't get it to work in n64-emulator because none of them natively supports USB/BT Joystick Center afaik. :(
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    Pairing does not always work perfectly fine with USB/BT Joystick Center, but works most of the time.
    I got some promising results with USB/BT Joystick Center in combination with
    Mupen64Plus 1.9.2 however I keep getting the same key codes for different WiiMote-Keys most of the time (not always.), the Joystick only reacts slightly in some games (For example in Majoras Mask Link can only tiptoe and can't run.) and in the games were the Joystick reacts correctly the grafiks are messed up (=90% of objects don't display) and the game is running at 1/5 of normal speed even though the game ran fine with N64oid.

    So I am back @ testing with BluezIME+N64oid. I found a potential trick here:
    which says I should pair the Wiimote via Android so I can enter the PIN which is said to be 1234.
    Using the android interface actually seems to be a very reliable way in being able to enter the PIN when connecting to Bluetooth devices, but I keep getting the error message that the Bluetooth-device (=my Wiimote) refuses connection because the PIN is incorrect.
    Which is probably because the PIN really is not 1234, but the reversed bytes of the device address and sadly I still don't know what the device address is.
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    I think I found the device address.
    just under the WiiMote-Name in the BluezIME-App.
    I reversed it to 22125EE91A00 but I still get the wrong Pin error messagt.
    "22:12:5E:E9:1A:00" won't work because I can only insert 16 signs. (and 12 digits + 5 : = 17 signs.)
    I also tried typing the letters in lowercase and leaving out the 00 at the end and even typing only one 0 instead of two and I tried all combinations of that. I also tried converting to binary, reversing the binary-Blocks and then converting back zu hexadecimal.

    I can't input all this in binary because that would be 24 signs (24>16). Also even if you could enter 24 signs the time to do this might be pretty scarcely (although probably enough if you hurry A LOT.)

    22125EE91A00 does perhaps not work because MIUI can't send the blocks as hexadecimal-codes and sends the letters as ascii or whatever, so that might be a rom-issue after all.
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    After the hint of a mathematician I also tried 3418942332600 which is supposed to be somehow the decimal depiction of the code. I don't even know how he came to this number, but it doesn't matter anyway because that code doesn't work either, which supports the suspicion that the rom needs a way to send hexadecimalcode as a pairing-pin.
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    Today I also tried pairing the wiiMote via the red "sync"-Button on the back of the WiiMote while entering the device Address of my HTC Sensation with reversed Bytes.
    As expected this did not work either.
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    Later last night I tried the USB/BT Joystick Center + Mupen64Plus AE Combination once more.
    Turns out, that some ROMs actually run completely fine and the problem lies more at the custom roms. (Super Mario 64 works very well, while Super Mario Star Roads doesn't. N64oid works fine with both.) Still I had the Joystick issue:
    The emulator only registered 4 directions and only "walk" or "stand". Running was impossible.
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    Well, today I should've been learning and so I was easy to distract and ended up wasting another 6 hours trying to get my WiiMote paired to my pyramid and guess what: It worked!
    The solution: Ditch MIUI, MIUI does not work.

    Full story:
    I started checking for updates and while there are no new versions for BluezIME, N64oid, MupenPlus AE there was a new version for USB/BT Center that I installed.
    With that new version I was able to configure the bits that the WiiMote sends in a way, that makes it possible to actually run in Super Mario.
    That is a step forward which also came with a step backwards: Mario wasn't able to sneek anymore.
    It also did not change the performance and grafics issues with other roms when using Mupen+ AE nor did the App recognize more than four directions given from the Nunchuck-Joystick.

    The next thing I did was experimenting with the other three combinations of these four apps and searching for other apps that could do the job, but that was pretty much a repeat of numerous things I already mentioned in this thread, nothing new at all.

    Then I decided to give cm9 RC1 for pyramid a try.
    The cm9-Rom itself has some issues (It wouldn't unlock my SIM-card until I removed the SIM, configured cm9 and synced with Google-Sync and shut down and reinserted the SIM and only then could I only the SIM with cm9 for example.) and I am missing many many awesome features that MIUI gave me and that I learned to love, but
    first try with BluezIME+N64oid worked perfectly fine.
    2nd try until 10th try no problems at all, I checked 3 WiiMotes and 7 Roms and everything just worked as it should.

    So while there was definitely a lot of time spend making MIUI as great as it is for pyramid that time was pretty much wasted, because as long as you build upon Sense some things are bound to not work.
    There might be some workarounds for some Sense-based issues, but these are badly implemented in MIUI as well, as I stated in Post #5 (well, I guess that does not matter anyway, because you would create just (many) more problems if you went via that workaround.)

    I guess that topic is over now so I probably won't look back to this thread. If you have any questions mail me at
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    What does 8 posts in a row? Reporting yourself in some of the posts have anything to do with MIUI?
    I read that and nothing seems to be MIUI's fault.

    Are you a bot?

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