Password After Recovering With Twrp Not Accepted / Phone Locked On Password Screen

Jul 27, 2016
I had to restore my MiMax after I did encryption and TWRP has a problem with encryption (does not accept password).
I did factory reset my phone and did restore a old backup with TWRP.
It seems to have the settings, but now, I am encountering another probelm, it won't accept my old password anymore. Anyone can please give me advise, I know that I did not change my password at all. I now sucessfully locked my mobile for already 4 minutes, while increasing the time, each time I enter wrong password.
I really appreciate your help.
Is there maybe a default password needed?
I did recover data and cust partition, system partiton was locked.
Cheers, Lati

When I try to reboot, it always says update is being prepared and it starts updating... what the heck did I miss?