New Phone Brick

Aug 2, 2013
Hey everybody. I had the last version of MIUI OS applied on my Galaxy Note 2 but suddenly it completely stoped turning on. The phone was "gone". Samsung's service center told me the "main board" of the phone stopped working and had to be changed.

What are the chances that MIUI OS had caused this situation? I really like MIUI but I am a little bit afraid to install it again on my phone and have the phone stop working again :-(
Aug 7, 2013
I don't think MIUI can have caused this. It's just the OS on one partition, even if you use a really defective ROM, you always go back because you have the rescue partition ...

If you really want to brick your phone by software, if you use some malware or bad software that you allow to run as root, you can overwrite your rescue partition, so that the phone is bricked, but then, still, it won't be able to "brick" the mainboard by software.

So, don't worry and install MIUI on your new phone :)
Sep 17, 2013
Main board stopped working != software brick, it looks like hardware issue.
I don't think it can be caused by any ROM ;)

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