Phone Doesn't Recognize Earphones

Sep 7, 2013
Hi, as the title says Mi2S doesn't recognize my Sennheiser earphones and when I play music the sound just stays on the speaker. Happened all of a sudden last week, while I was on Mokee 4.4.4.

I thought it might be ROM or software problem, because when I installed SoundAbout app (, I managed to route sound from speaker to wired headset, but then I lose my Viper4Android profile.

I tried installing other ROMs, both KK and LP, but the problem still persists. I listen to music a lot, so this is a big problem for me.

Do you guys know what could be the solution?

EDIT: I remember now that I flashed NON-HLOS.bin through fastboot (fastboot flash modem+modem1 NON-HLOS.bin), as a Micha CM12 in call audio fix. Could that be the source of a problem?
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Apr 8, 2013
This works on MIUI rom only. The 6484 code actually translates to typing "MIUI" with the dialer.

Try to exit dialer and clear ram or reboot phone. You should be getting a test suite like this: