Phone Keeps Vibrating/showing Mi Logo When Off

Apr 6, 2016
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I am encountering a strange problem with my new Redmi Note 2, purchased from Top One. Whenever it is off and the battery is in, every 30 seconds it will vibrate and momentarily flash the white Mi logo as if it is about to turn on, then it will go back to black, then do this again in ~30sec. I have tried removing the back of the phone to see if it is an issue with the power button but it continues to happen whenever the battery is in. If battery is removed for ten seconds and then put back, the issue stops -- but then as soon as I turn the phone on, and the power off, it does it again. Otherwise the phone seems to run normally.

I wiped all data and flashed it to Miui global stable Rom immediately after receiving it, and the problem has been there from the start.

Thanks for any suggestions!