Phone Locks During Calls

Nov 24, 2016
As soon as my phone gets close to my ear, my phone goes black and locks. I can still call and talk to people but if I want to end the call I have to press the side button to wake the phone up before I can do anything.
After I've ended the call it goes straight to the lock screen.

This happens regularly. First few weeks I had the phone just once or twice.

Any ideas?
Jul 22, 2016
Make sure your sensor is not blocked with screen guard etc.
Try to re-calibrate your proximity sensor.

Or alternatively this link with more instructions: -

Recalibrate the proximity sensor
If a restart does not solve the proximity sensor issues on your Redmi Note 3, you can try recalibrating the sensor from the hidden service menu of the phone. This service menu can be accessed by opening the Dialer app and keying in “*#*#64663#*#*”. From the menu that opens up, tap Proximity Sensor followed by Calibration. Once the calibration successfully toast message comes up, tap Black Card and immediately keep your finger on the proximity sensor. You should get a BlackCard success message. If not, repeat the step again.
  1. On your phone’s dialer, enter * # * # 64663 # * # *
  2. On the Hardware tests menu, select Proximity sensor.
  3. Tap the Calibrate button.
  4. When you see Calibration passed, you can tap the Home button to exit the hardware test.
Jul 29, 2016
I've bought Kate a few weeks ago. Alltogether it could be a great phone. Fast enough, 2 days without charging with a lot of use and always online. I have niether problem with the fingerprints nor with camera focus. Both are OK for me. (current ROM: eu weekly 6.12.8)
BUT I also have the proximity issue which is more then annoying. It turns off the display, but do not turns it on when I take away the phone from my ear. So I cannot hangup the calls :). It's a shame. I've tried other roms, versions, proximity calibration, but nothing. Just the phone restart helps on a brighter place. If I restart it in dark, it remains wrong.
I think restarting a phone more time a day in 2016 is not acceptable :), but I have no other solution yet.