Phone short circuit / surface leakage current or other Power related Problem

Dec 8, 2010
Hallo *all,

since 3/4 Month my Phone's Battery only last for max. 10 hours. i noticed 10% Power degree/hour regardless of which rom i used, allways the same. even when the phone is power off, the battery lost power.

Strange behaviour: when i connect a usb car charger which have a led-light or similar, the led-light shines when i connect my phone equal the usb car charge is plugged in or not. I think i have a short circuit or an surface leakage count on the motherboard.
the battery isn't the problem, i bought a new battery - no change...

have anyone else a similar problem, or can anyone test whether the phone light a led-light on a usb car charger with connected usb cable.

btw. have anybody a solution for me?

May 11, 2013
I've heard a lot of people that had similar problems after using car chargers. Low quality car hargers can damage your battery and/ or motherboard. So I'm afraid that maybe it's a problem with this part.
Maybe you can try to send it to repair under warranty.