Please Help! How To Simply Cast Video From My Windows 10 Laptop To Xiaomi Box 3

Jun 10, 2016
Hi Gang!!!

I'm banging my head, for over 1 week I have been trying to simply cast videos from my laptop to my new MiBox 3 MDZ-16-AA.

I tried using Windows 10, using the Project function,,,,connecting to a wireless display, but once I finally do connect, I get a black screen on the MiBox.

Anything else I can use/try to just simply cast videos from my laptop to the MiBox?

THANKS in advance for any helps or tips!!

Jun 21, 2016
I am also trying to cast from my laptop to MiBox.
My laptop is quite old, but has windows 10 and is connected to the same wifi network as MiBox.
My Nvidia GeForce is up to date, v341.95.
Since Xiaomi only provides 投屏神器 app for android, what should i use instead?
Thanks for your feedbacks.