Please help me and give me your precious time


Sep 16, 2021
Ask for support and help from all who are there
I have a Mi 10 Ultra where the bootloader was opened and the recovery was installed No. TWRP - 3 .4 .2 b - 1208 150 b y w z s x 150 and all kinds of scans were done and the latest version of European ROM No. 12 was installed. 5 . 6 The stable, but some things were entered into the recovery and some of the internal files were deleted through Advanced, as they cannot be remembered now because I want to delete everything related to the old ROM and the device was rebooted, but I was surprised that the device is not recognized by the system and that By writing that the device is not supported 2 / I lost the feature to open with the finger 3 / Unbearable heat and heat 4 / The battery charge quickly expires 5 / The system hangs and freezes, which hurt that restarting the device from the beginning 6 / Some banking programs do not work, especially NFC payment 7 / I was tired in my matter and did not find, after God, other than you to ask for help, knowing that I resorted to using the miflash tool to restore the old system and activate all the features, but my attempts were unsuccessful.
Where I express my thanks and respect to those who will contribute to saving me