New POCO X3 Pro - Bug when I turn on the phone | Bug with calls | bad videos quality when I shoot


Dec 28, 2021
When I turn on the phone, after 30 seconds, the mobile remains locked without being able to use for about 30 seconds.
Normally, when I call someone or someone calls me, I listen to the person but they do not listen to me. to be heard, I have to call a second or third time. in discord, the application crashes and I have to restart the phone.
On the camera, the microphone quality is bad and strange noises are heard, and when I shoot videos at 60fps, it shows that it goes a bit laggy


Jun 11, 2020
that none of this happened to me with the official global ROM.
Maybe it could have been a meaningful information to put in your first post. Was it like that from the start ? As far as I know, don't change microphone drivers, and even change to the camera software are limited.

Igor Eisberg

Staff member
Oct 6, 2016
Our ROMs for POCO X3 Pro are based on official Global ROM builds.
What you see is what there is. We don't touch anything related to microphone. Try disabling Google Voice Match, see if it helps. Either way, Voice Match support is pre-included with all Global ROMs, so we don't have to touch that.
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