Invalid POCO X3 PRO MIUI 13


Mar 26, 2022
So today the MIUI 13 update popped up in my phone, so I got it. There are some things I don't know how to solve and I could use some help.
First, when I'm using an app that uses landscape mode and I go to recently used apps after closing it, if the screen is in vertical mode it starts tilting a lot on its own and I can't do anything to avoid it.
Second, neither DND or Silent mode are working properly, so I can't have my phone in public without it making a lot of annoying noises.

Is there any way to solve these issues? If not, is there any way to go back to the MIUI version I had to avoid getting these bugs? I prefer not having the latest version of MIUI if that means that my phone is going to work as it should be working. Thanks for the help.