Poor Camcorder !

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    Hello, i've got a Redmi Note 4G ROM KHICNBH15.0_MIUI_V5_1210, and the videos captured by the camera have a very poor sound quality, the sound is recorded at 96Kbps instead of 128Kbps on the Xiaomi Hongmi, and the video is recorded at 15000Bdps in 1080p mode, the Hongmi records it at 25000Bdps.
    I tried to uninstall the stock app with Titanium but the camera still works, very strange.

    How can i upgrade the sound and video quality ?
    Or, How can i uninstall this stock app and install another one ?

    Thank you.
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    Update today to the last ROM MIUI6-5.3.20, and the problem is the same, allways 96 Kbps for the sound bitrate in videos, i don't understand.
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    No idea ?