Prevent search for 3G


Mar 17, 2022
In Germany and most EU countries the 3G network has been completely switched off, so there is only 4G and as a fallback option 2G.
I assume that the ROM is not prepared for this because you can still select 3G as the preferred network.
I also assume that if 4G is not available, the device will first search for a 3G network, which is no longer available, and then for a 2G network.
Here one could provide for much faster and better network availability if the device provides only from 4G directly a 2G network.

Native ROM customization would only be a logical step to get rid of this forever dead network!
If you think for whatever reason it would be nonsense and do not want to tinker with "old roms" you can edit something here yourself, modification via Magisk module?

I use a Mi 9 Lite with the ROM 21.11.24 Beta / Miui 12.6