Problem with pairing bluetooth mouse

Jul 5, 2018
Hello :)
I have a problem with pairing my Mi Box 4K Ultra HD with my HP bluetooth mouse. Mi Box see mouse, when it starts to pair cursor occur and you can move it on the screen but after a short while message appear that it couldn't pair and cursor disappears. Situation looks the same before and after updating to Oreo.
When I was looking for solution on the Polish Xiaomi forum I saw that many people have similar problem.
What can be the problem and is there any way to fix it ?
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Aug 24, 2018
Hi I have the same problem with Microsoft bluetooth mouse.
However I found a workaround which works for me and you can try it.

When you're pairing the mouse and see message connecting... (I'm translating from another language, so it may be something similar) you should see mouse cursor move at this moment.
As soon as you see the mouse cursor move, hold the power button on the remote, and reboot the mi box (don't let it finish the pairing process).

For me this works. After reboot, mouse is still paired and when I turn it on I can use it (without repairing again).
Not a pretty hack, but it works for me.
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