Problem with windows detection (started and fastboot)


Feb 26, 2022
Hi everybody,

I want to move to 12.5 rom, so I have to unlock my bootloader.

The problem is that my computer doesn't recognize my phone... It shows only unknown device.

Phone and computer (win10) are up to date and drivers are ok. I tried 3 cables, tested on every USB ports, USB debugging is on, transfer is forced in dev options. Phone reset done too. Forced reinstall miui 12.1.1 done too.

I don't have the notif with USB mode selection too. Only charge. Another thing on usb3 ports it detects unknown device, on usb2 ports it detects nothing.

The phone is still recognized as unknown device in normal stars and fastboot. (my wife's rn8 is recognized correctly.

I don't what I can do now... Do you have some ideas or is it a hardware problem? :/

PS : sorry for my English I'm French I doo my best


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Apr 5, 2022
Does your phone show USB File Transfer when connecting to your PC? If not, probably your phone's USB port was damaged.
Also, try to fastboot your phone, connect to PC, and look for 'Android Device', click Update Driver then manually select the Android Fastboot option and see if it will detect fastboot. If still not, probably it is the problem that I mentioned earlier.