Problems with Maps Download Sygic Navigation


Apr 13, 2016

maybe someone knows remedy. I use MI 11 with Stock Rom MIUI Global 12.0.3(RKBEUXM).

I use Sygic as my navigation app. Unfortunately no maps can be downloaded. The map downloads are always only in a queue. However, I suspect that it is due to the MIUI download app. The download jobs are queued there, but only have the status 'Waiting for connection', 'Waiting for new attempt' or 'Download failed'. If I copy the link from the downloads and paste it into Chrome, the files are loaded immediately, although it is of no use to me because Sygic then expects them elsewhere. This worked without any problems with all previous cell phones of Xiaomi.

Do you know of a remedy or adjustment screws for checking?

Best regards

Update on 6pm:
Now I found solution myself. I registered as a beta tester for Sygic on my previous MI8 to test android car. Now i have uninstalled the beta version, installed the normal one and everything works perfectly. Maps are downloaded without download app.

Thank you for your attention
Best regards
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Sep 29, 2018
The same happens for me. Already tried pretty much everything.
Clear cache. Uninstall. Allow all permissions. No battery optimization. Restart etc. Still not working
Please help if any knows remedy