Problems with MI8 radio/modem. Should i flash a new radio?


Nov 11, 2018
Hello guys how's going?
I do own a Xiaomi MI8 Global Version (running in BRAZIL network/carrier)
I've been running the this amazing ROM BETA for the last 4 months and everything was fine, running fast, stable and reliable.
A few weeks ago a weekly update (9.5.16 beta, i guess) just broke my data signal. So since version 9.5.16, i do experience network issues such as:

-no network
- no 3g/4g connection etc.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work at all.
And there's always a message onscreen which says:
network connection failed

What should i do to fix this issue?
I've already tried some steps like:

- downgrade beta to 9.5.9
- downgrande to STABLE 10.3

But none of these steps fixed this issue.
AFAIK, its something related to a firmware update which almost destroyed my radio/modem.
Can i just update a new MODEM.IMG file? If so, what would be the correct step to do this?
I've just found a lot of firmwares XXX on xiaomifirmwareupdater website and i thought that i could update this one for example (V10.3.2.0.PEAMIX). Is that a good version to try or should i try V10.2.3.0.PEAMIXM ?
Would that fix my issue? Can i flash this firmware using TWRP dirty method?
Or do i need to extract all the files and just update the MODEM.IMG file. Again, how should i do it?

Sorry for all that questions but since i use my smartphone for business , i've been experience a nightmare for the last 3 weeks with 3G/4G signal failing constantly.

Thanks in advance

p.s: I've heard that some guys on turkey was having this same issue on MI8SE.


Jul 12, 2018
I don't know what to suggest. I just had the same problem start with one of my MI 8.
Two identical phones, on identical firmware - one having connectivity issues/dropouts (exactly as you described), one perfectly fine.


Jul 21, 2019
Hello, hope it's not too late. rom is based on chinese Mi 8 Lite version so network wont work in South America. You have two options:
1 - Install official Mi 8 Lite Global ROM.
2 - Install Global Firmware and then flash another ROM such as Pixel Experience.