Pubg Mobile Stuttering

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Sep 2, 2017
Im having big performance drops when playing PUBG on Mi 5S.

I have changed few ROMs and all have the same issue, game works fine for 10-20minutes, then later it is really hard to play, FPS is like 5-10max, then comes back up to about 25 and then drops again every few seconds..

I guess that has big to do with heating up, but is there a way to avoid it? I have tried using those config files for PUBG, but it still doesen't work. Also, Game Speed Booster doesen't work well too.
Jan 11, 2017
It's obviously a throttle problem.
I don't play games, but some friends who do... they nagging for frame drops. Seems that it's a big Mi5s problem.

If you use case on phone while playing, try to remove it.
On developer menu, do you have "MIUI optimization" OFF or ON? Try to change this setting and see if problem improves.

Hope you find a solution... but keep in mind that this will be a little bit difficult :-/

from my Mi5s
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