Push Notification from Xiaomi Home


Aug 22, 2019
Hi all!
I've purchased a Red Mi note 7 (MIUI Global 10.3.5) but the push notification system does not work for Xiaomi Home application.
It is an application managing 2 cameras (YI cameras) that, when configured for motion detection, push a notification on the screen. By playing with settings and following
various tutorials, this morning I get such notifications working. After a couple of hours, they not working at all.
I'm supposed to enter in a Xiaomi Home sub-menu before realizing that there is a message informing me of the motion event!
On the contrary, on my old Huawei P8-Lite (EMUI 4.1.1) the Xiaomi Home notification system worked greatly!!!

Anyone with similar notification issues (also related to other applications)?