[Q] Couldn't activate "Sync messages".


Nov 21, 2018
First I know the "Sync messages" and activation service is a MIUI implementation and this forum is referring to a custom ROM made by a community, but I'm trying to get help here because the team and members is more community friendly than on the official one.

The main question is:
It is possible to identify to what number the SIM activation service is trying to send a verification SMS?

Additional question:
Is the phone number dynamically changed/generated?

Actually the situation in my case is most probably caused by the mobile operator (DigiMobil - RO 226 05) because on the SIM from this operator the "Sync messages" service cannot be activated. I filed a ticket on the operator but they requested the phone number to which the application is trying to send SMS in order to unblock the messaging service. They told me on the phone that they have a list with patterns of phone numbers used to block SMS services in order to avoid overcharging.
I'm able to activate the SMS Sync messages using another SIM card from another Romanian mobile operator (Vodafone - RO 226 01)

I tried to identify from adb logs what phone number is used by/around "com.xiaomi.simactivate.service" but without success. (I uploaded an archive with 2 log files)

Many thanks! :)


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