[Q] Mi note 10 Lite USB power delivery support confirmation


Jul 9, 2020
I just got a new car from work (Toyota Yaris, hybrid, 2020), with Android Auto...
I haven't tested this thoroughly yet... but I suspect that the USB outlet doesn't output a lot of juice...
So charging and using AA might drain the battery.

One of the possible solutions to this would be a custom USB-C Y cable you can solder... (source)
This will allow data wires to go to Android Auto, and the rest will be for power, and USB-PD doesn't require data wires, only Quick Charge does.

But the question is... DOES THE Mi note 10 LITE support USB-PD or just QC?
(I know the the Mi note 10 does, according to GSMArena, but it's not specified for the LITE)
And don't just say it should according to something you read somewhere on the internet...
Did anyone ACTUALLY TEST a REAL USB-PD (Not QC) charger with this exact phone model and can confirm it fast charges ~ 30W / 5k displayed in Ampere?