question about understanding the mi 11 pro eu.rom


Jul 16, 2021
hi ,
i want to buy the mi11 pro from "**************" and they have the mi 11 pro with the "XIAOMI.EU TWRP Firmware (unlocked) = Saftynet Passed + OTA Updates + Widevine Level 1 " , but im so confused between the global and the eu.rom , and i dont know exactly which rom is suitable for me .
please help me understand .
what i want is :
1. full support in hebrew
2. automatic future updates from xiaomi ...i dont want to search by self , i want to get it automatically , a massage tat an update is ready for me to install
3. google play store and all the google app , like chrome , drive , etc/
4. google pay and other payment
5. i dont want all the chinese app

which rom is for me?

and , what is the meaning of - Saftynet Passed + OTA Updates + Widevine Level 1 ???