Quick Charge, How ?

Mar 26, 2016
Hi everyone,

I would like to know if there is something saying if Quickcharge is enabled (a message or a logo, icon etc..) or if there is an option to enable in settings.

Actually, i never saw any of these and my phone takes a while to be fully charged (~1h30 +/-) and the 80÷ are never reached in 30 or 40 minutes (1h20 more often).

Using the "Ampere" app, i can know what is the actuall voltage with my charger. I'm attaching a screenshot so you can see that i'm at 1600ma and never go more than that. Please also note that i have to chargers, the official one given wich is Quickcharge 2.0 and another one, an Anker charger wich is Quickcharge 3.0 .

So my questions are :
- is there something to enable ?
- is there a message or notification that you're on qc ?
- is there a problem with my phone and some of you already had it ?

Thanks for you answers !


Apr 1, 2016
It is hardware enabled you cant modify it in settings. For correct results phone must be off while charging.if you are using an adapter for example china charger to eu you need to connect it direclty to the eletric source without any other adaptor. Sorry for english hope you understood all. You can see qc 3.0 icon on the charger unless you are in India, i heard that xiaomi sells 2.0 version in india