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Discussion in 'Xiaomi Wi-Fi Products' started by Lee Burgess, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. Lee Burgess

    Lee Burgess Members

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    Just purchased a r1d router from gearbest which should have English firmware but when plugged in the setup is all in Chinese and the miwifi app doesn't pick up the router. Not getting much help from gearbest. How can I change it so it is English?
  2. Sergeyb76

    Sergeyb76 Members

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    Chrome will translate
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  3. Krešimir Pucek

    Krešimir Pucek Members

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    Get 2.6.103 english firmware from jmramirez.pro web site, search on google for brcm4709_anf_9114d_2.6.103_INT.zip
    After updating just restore to factory defaults and you will have english language.
    I would provide direct link but forum don't let me....

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