Read/Write Filesystem and root on Xiaomi Mi 11.


Mar 21, 2021
Hi everyone,

My name is Pavel. I am new to the forums. I apologize if I am asking in the wrong place. Could you direct me to the right place if I am.

I am doing research on Mobile hardware. I am looking to buy Xiaomi Mi 11 global version (I am in Canada) and collect hardware performance counters (branch mispredictions, cache misses etc....) from the phone using Android simpleperf tool. In order to do these things I need to:

1. Obtain root permission in adb shell (in order to collect hardware counters with simpleperf).
2. (Optional but highly desired) Have file system mounted in RW mode in order to save simpleperf results and then pull them using adb.

I understand that it is possible to root the devices and I understand that this grants root in adb shell using commands adb shell and then su root. Is that correct?

I understand that Xiaomi Miui 12 is a wrapper for Android 11. Does that mean that I will have access to all low level Linux/Android tools that exist on Android 11 like simpleperf etc...?

Is it possible to mount the file system in RW mode on Xiaomi Mi 11? If not, is there a partition that is writable? Like for example on Samsung S21 there is /sd_card and I can create files there. Is there something similar on Mi 11?

Beat Regards and Thank you,