New Recently modified files "hosts" (to staff members)


Jan 29, 2019
Before (if i don't mistake) 9.3.1 when i installed rom, it rewrote file hosts and i saw add in my apps (we will call it official hosts)
In LP i used "turn off google add" (once) and "block add in hosts" (every time i installed rom) and add didn't appear

I noticed in your rom updates modified files hosts in /system/etc and /etc (when i installed rom, so i couldn't block add in LP, because it's clear)
So, you deleted all notes in this file, but it doesn't blocks any add in my apps
I replaced my files hosts(mi 8, 9.3.1) with fiels of mi 6, 9.2.28 (official hosts, patched with LP)
and add didn't appeared

So, i don't think your "addblock" not effective only at my phone, do you have the same problem? I think you should use LP, or something else to block(not clear) hosts

I understand something wrong?..

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