REDMI 1S - stop communication during a call ! / Sim Card Error

Nov 13, 2012
i have the Redmi 1s since 2 days flashed with ROM MIUI 24 Stable
and i have an ABNORMAL issues
i can't know if it's a software or hardware trouble !!

- the phone stop communication during a call after few minutes
i need to recall every time

- i am getting some error of no network , but it is OK with my Mi2

i am using the same SIM card "3G" of mi Mi2
in the slot WCDMA

Data connection is OK, i get internet acces in H+

Do you have the same trouble ?
Nov 13, 2012
i tested the Original Version from MIUI CHINA and still the same TROUBLE

My REDMI 1S has the S/n : 588420350361

I did 2 times the flash with the official CHINESE ROM , and I still have the issue of the SIM card ramdomly detected and a very poor WCDMA signal

(My second Redmi 1S is working perfectly with the same configuration and sim card)

Check the pictures attached

Picture 1 = error SIGNAL LOST
Picture 2 = impossible to reactivate manually Picture 3 = OK after activating and desactivating AIRPLANE, sim card not touched and same position in my home, and same Sim card
Picture 4 = rom version