Redmi 1S-wcdma-MIUI V5 and micro SD card

Jun 27, 2014
Not long ago I bought the redmi 1S and it is amazing phone but I have a single problem which I can't solve. The phone is not recognize any SD card that I place within. It always says that the SD card is empyt or file system is incorrect (the SD card is recognized in other smartphones without problem and I'm using Sundisk microSD cards only).
I tried to format the card within the phone and nothing happend - the format process didn't happend at all and still the SD card is not recognized at all
The rom which is installed is HebMUIU ver 24
Is it hardware problem or software problem?
Mar 4, 2012
I had issues with phone detecting sd card too. Seems it wasnt seated in the tray properly.
Most phones I've used have a slot that you push the card into & it clicks into place, but the 1S is slightly different. Hopefully you might just need to reseat the card into position?
Jun 18, 2014
I had the same problem. Didn't work with two different sd cards. Thought it was a faulty slot. I put a card in reader and formated it in Windows. That worked.