New Redmi 2, Bluetooth Turns Off Automatically (solved In New Release)

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by kiswum, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. Device: Xiaomi Redmi 2 WCDMA 1GB version
    ROM: 5.1.23 (Language English)

    Problem: Bluetooth shutsdown turns off without a reason.
    I keep my Bluetooth running in the background on every phone I have. I use it to connect to my car radio/Headunit or to my Wireless headset. I noticed several times that my Bluetooth has been turned off by itselve. I don't have a app running which uses location profiles like: Llama.
    There are no FC messages or other things that show that Bluetooth stopped working.

    Sometimes it shutsdown after 10 hours, sometimes I noticed that it was still running after 20 hours.
    I have tested it with the Battery Saving mode and Performance mode.
    During these tests, I haven't turned off my phone.

    I don't know many people with a Redmi 2, please let me know if you can verify this bug.
  2. This problem seems to be fixed in 5.2.6
    I didn't had this problem for a week.
    Problem solved, but not mentioned in the changelog of this/previous updates.

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