New Redmi 2, Spotify stops playing when a message comes in

Jan 29, 2013
Device: Xiaomi Redmi 2 WCDMA 1GB version
ROM: 5.1.23 (Language English)
Still exists in these releases: 5.2.6

Problem: Spotify is my music player and every time a message comes in or the phone needs to make a sound, the app stops playing. I have used this app on many other phones and never had a problems with it.

I can't just use the play button to continue with the song. At that moment I need to use FFW and REW to get back to the song. This part has been solved in release 5.2.6, this was not mentioned in the release notes.

Please forgive me, but I have not yet tested it with the build in musicplayer, I will check this as well.

I don't know many people with a Redmi 2, please let me know if you can verify this bug.
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