New Redmi 2 Video Decoder Issues

Jul 30, 2015
Dear Redmi & Xioami Team,

Though I agree that redmi2 is a good prodcuct but still it has some bugs . I would like to bring your attention and need your support on this.
  1. Redmi 2 does not support mkv video files . many videos are not supported by redmi2 default video player. Also while opening from gallery it won't ask to choose which video player to play the videos. So in the result unsupported videos could not play from gallery.
  2. It will be very pathetic for any kids to play this kind of videos .
  3. Please don't say that "download third party video players and it will work out " . We know that it will work out from folder view or directly open that video players like Mx player . it will show the folder view/direct videos.
  4. Some forum says that China/singapore version can change the default video player.

Here the main problem arrises from gallery opening .. When we can expect a resolution on this. At least it is not a so big task you people can provide the updates to choose the video player from gallery so that default video player we can change.