Redmi 3 Chinese Rom Not Playing Nicely With Google/facebook/vpn?

Apr 10, 2016

I´m new on the forum so apologies if this is a newbie question that´s been answered elsewhere!
I recently bought at Redmi3 on the street in China (Android 5.1.1 LMY47V and MIUI

My plan was simply to try it out, since it is very cheap here. I will try to root it when I move back to Europe in a few months, to rid me of bloatware and get it fully Googlified. :) In the meantime, I tried just setting it to English language, uninstalled any Chinese apps that I could (since I don´t speak mandarin and I don´t know what they do), installed VPN, installed Google Installer, Google Play, Google Maps, Google Inbox, and installed Facebook. I also use Uber, a swedish banking app, Opera...

Now, the phone is extremely unresponsive. It reacts slowly (I mean after many seconds) to screen input, swiping, etc. A bit like a device that is running out of memory. Yet I seem to have about 400 MB of RAM available, and plenty of storage space. I have a feeling the lagging of the UI gets worse when the internet is slow (which it often is) or when the phone is busy downloading stuff. Just writing in the Notes app is super slow.

I could simply reset it to factory state and live with it until I get back to Europe. But I am curious if anyone can tell me if there is some specific conflict happening? Is it the VPN, is it Google, is it Facebook? Something else? I would not be surprised, since, after all, this is the chinese version and probably not tested för google applications and other blocked stuff.

Thanks for your help!

John :)
Apr 5, 2016
You can try hard reset. But if your R3 was installed Play Services by default, you can try to update the Google app and Google Play Service app with apk, not via Play Store. Try apkmirror to download it, put on internal storage, and install via Explorer.