Redmi 3s Prime Cannot Update Rom From Stable Laicnde


Aug 22, 2016
I bought Redmi 3S Prime 3\32 last week in China. It was with official ROM Stable LAICNDE. i did official bootloder unlock when i was i China.
After unlock i cannot update SW with MiFlash or change ROM for global via TWRP. If i using MiFlash64 i have error 0хfffffff. If i using MiFlash betta i have succes after 0.5s and phone in same condition Fastboot mode. If to starting install TWRP phone says booting....FAILED (remote: dtb not found) and not go out to TWRP from Fasboot mode. I changed 5 PC and different operation systems Windows 7, 8 64b - all the same. Something wrong with my phone. Only if to open MiSuit China version i can try to download from internal memory Rom but the same errer - fail! i need any help with my phone update.


Jul 18, 2016
First you need to install china developer through updater, after having downloaded it, in order to unlock the bootloader


Jul 1, 2016
Sorry for bringing up an old topic. I used to be on Mi2s and there i had to go to a certain update version in between, before i could go to EU-version.
On my redmi 3s prime i'm on V8.2.3.0.MALCNDL and after a year of usage i want the weekly EU-dev again. Can i just go straight away or do i really have to install China-dev first?