Redmi 4x Global: Strange Menu, Data Partition Mount Password

Dec 23, 2017
Hello all,
My santoni Redmi 4x global version 3/32 GB with global ROM NAMMIEK / Android 7.1.2 N2G47H behaves much different than my mido Note 4(x):

Vol - and Power opens Fastboot, but Vol + and Power opens a Chinese menu, that I have never seen before. Is this from Xiaomi or dealer ? Can it be removed, or switched to all English or German (to be used) ?

From Fastboot I used ADB to install twrp-3.2.1-0-santoni.img, but TWRP asked for a password to mount and decrypt memory. I did not set and do not have a password though....?!

Consequently, at this step, I had no access to internal storage, to where I downloaded, Magisk-v16.0 and MagiskManager-V5.6.4(112).apk, so I used OTG to install lazyflasher and rebooted.
System worked fine, so I rooted with Magisk and reinstalled lazyflasher. Root is successful, even if Magisk reports ctsProfile:false and basicIntegrity:false. TWRP has access to internal memory now, but still starts with the Mount/Decrypt data Password request and V+/Power opens the Chinese Menu.

Redmi is working fine, but does someone know the default password and the meaning of the menu ?
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kind regards S.Oliver
Dec 23, 2017
Hi pitbula74, Thank you.
So "Never change a running system" right ?

I am good in ignoring ;-) but still wonder why this happens and whether it is related to Xiaomi or TWRP....
There are a couple of other people having the same issue and look for a solution though.
Cheers S. Oliver
Nov 8, 2013
Hi, the menu you are seeing its Xiaomi´s default recovery menu. If you have unlocked your phone and installed TWRP, you can go there by tapping the recovery button in that menu.

The device is encrypted by default, I had the same problem. Now it does get a bit interesting. You need to wipe all your partitions in order to remove that encryption and to get rid of the password. I don't think there is another way to go around it if you want to install a new ROM. More information here:

I have the same device and encountered the exact same things.
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Dec 23, 2017
Hi woutur, Thank you.
hpro "MIUI Honorary Moderator, EX SUPER MODERATOR. Non Profit Mod" updated the above mentioned thread Jan-24-2018 and claims
The Correct way you can find here (there is a link given): In his own thread he says:
Don't wipe nor format the DATA PARTITION, there is no NEED OF doing things like this..
I thought that I did try that solution before, but will repeat to set and use a screen password to remove the decrypt question.
(Even with the decrypt issue I was able to install Magisk and lazyflasher from USB stick via OTA and do have data access right now anyway)
I will come back with the results soon....

Update: I did set a new 4 digit start screen password as well as a new 4 digit data protection password (swipe) and restarted. TWRP did not accept either password or a combination thereof to decrypt data ! Internal memory is displayed with 0 MB, but I can use the TWRP file Manager to see root and system (is this on SD card ?) and have been able to root with Magisk .... IMG_20180403_203930 (Medium).jpg IMG_20180403_204031 (Medium).jpg
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