New [Redmi 5] Can't set data plan type to "daily data plan"

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I noticed a bug which is a little bit annoying:

When I want to change the data plan type:
- I click on 'data plan type'

- There is a message saying 'changing data plan type will reset all data usage settings (e.g. data limits) to their default values. Change data plan type now ?

- I hit 'OK'

- I can change from 'monthly data plan' to 'daily data plan'

So it seems to be working, but when I leave the page, and come back I can see that it's still set as 'monthly data plan', also it's not only a display bug because on the notification bar it's acting like I set it to be monthly as well.

The fact that my settings doesn't save makes me think that maybe it's an issue with writing proprieties of a file, what you guys think ?

Things I tried to do:
- wiped cache and dalvik from recovery
- wiped data of security app