New Redmi Note 2; Typo In /system/etc/disableapplist.txt

Jan 4, 2016
The 4 first lines in /system/etc/disableapplist.txt are:


The second line should probably be rewritten as:

I noted this with my first ROM (customized EU) and today i checked latest weekly release:

and the same type is there too.
I edited the file and corrected the typo in my cellphone. Although i see no differences at all; i assume that a supposedly disabled app (mobilelog) would start anyway at boot, eating up a little amount of cpu & battery power.

Is my assumption correct?
Feb 6, 2012
I check some days ago the scripting used for install the roms, I think this file used only for debug and missed to removed in the official version. If you have root and install any terminal application, you can see easy what I mean:
- install terminal
- open and type "su" without quotes ofc
- enable root for terminal
- then write: "pm list packages -d" without quotes and this applications if installed you see in the list of disabled applications

In miui (for this i leave the idea to create a slim version of the rom) every application are connected to other so you can disable sometimes but you can't remove (example in the china version u can't remove the xiaomi market because you go in bootloop after... so the only way to remove this is disable).
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