Redmi Note 2 Won't Use Earpiece Nor Bluetooth Headphones When In Call Mode


Jun 14, 2017
Hi guys,

I have a redmi note 2 running on MIUI 8 Global 7.6.8 | Beta
android version 5.0.2 LRX22G

I've had a cracked screen, so I've ordered a replacement screen and replaced it myself .
I made sure I connected and replaced everything properly. I've also moved the earpiece from the old screen housing to the new one.
When I tried making a call, I've realized that there was no ound coming from the earpiece.

So I assumed I might have damaged the earpiece when changing the screen.
I ordered a replacement earpiece and replaced it. Still no sound.

Funny thing is, when I use headphones, I can hear everything fine.
But this is where it gets interesting :

When I use bluetooth headphones I also can't hear anything when making a call.

So this seems to be more of a software error then a faulty part. 2 earpieces didn't work.
Bluetooth headphones ( 2 of them ) don't seem to work.
It is as if there is some sort of a restrection within the phone itself preventing the earpiece to be activated when in a call ( this hapenes when I try a regular GSM call or any of the app calls like skype, whatsapp etc )
I would usually suspect that maybe I didn't connect something properly or that I was unlucky and purchased a faulty replacement earpiece but the fact that it won't work on 2 bluetooth headphones makes me beleive theres more to it then just a bad part.

The phone has never been rooted.
( I have also intsaled a new miui update right after i changed the screen so it might be due to the update? )

I can still make calls using loudspeaker and plug-in headphones.

another interesting factor is that while in call trying to turn up the call volume ( even though there is no sound) this is the picture i get from the phone

looks like its turning up the mic as if it doesnt recognise the earpiece at all.

Any ideas or advices?
Would appreciate all the help I could get, thank u.
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