Redmi Note 3 Battery Voltage

Jul 30, 2016
I read that most li-on and li-poly batteries are considered fully charged at 4.1 V. I went and looked in the *#*#4636*#*# battery menu and when fully charged it is reporting 4.4 V. Is this normal or is the information wrong or is my phone being overcharged which will affect longevity of the battery ? I asked the same on the official forum but they couldn't be bothered to answer, because I am using ROM and they told me to ask you guys.

I also read on battery university web page that you get the most out of your battery recharges if you discharge and refill for about 50% every time (dept of discharge), and that batteries age quicker when at full/low charge. Any other ideas about prolonging battery life (besides avoiding the heat which is also bad)? From what i gather it is best to use the battery in the 30-80% range when possible (charge to 80%, deplete to 30%,...) so 50% DoD is used and the battery is not at peak voltages.