Redmi Note 4G email (widget) problems

Oct 29, 2014
After upgrading from MIUI V5 to MIUI V6 I have 2 problems with my email app on my Redmi Note 4G, it happened with all versions of MIUI V6 I flashed (currently 4.12.31/5.1.2.).

First problem is the email widget, I can add the widget to a screen but it wont show any email. I tried with both my hotmail account and an exchange account. It keeps saying "touch to setup"

Second problem is that when I receive an email I do get a notification on the top of the screen, but when I click it it won't go to the mail inbox. The notification just disappears and it goes to the homescreen. In order to open my email I always have to go to the homescreen and click the email app which is in the tools folder.

Yesterday I wiped my phone and flashed official MIUI rom from and this worked fine. It seems to be a problem with multilang rom. Is anyone else using Note 4G having the same problem or is it working fine?

redmaner maintainer
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Jan 12, 2013
Problem seems to occur on English and Dutch language.
Any ideas @ingbrzy? Is this indeed a multilanguage issue or something else?
Oct 29, 2014
Hold on, it might be working now.

Edit: I think I found a solution, I am testing it now.

My phone is on Dutch language, I tried to setup the mail widget again and it didn't work.

What I did is the following:
- changed language to English
- reboot phone
- setup email widget (it works now)
- change language back to Dutch
- mail widget still works, also tapping email notification seems to work, it links to email inbox now

I tried changing language to English before without rebooting and then the widget didnt work.

Edit 2: It works now on my Redmi Note 4G. The widget however does sync quite slow but it works.

Edit 3: Note 4G works. On Redmi 2 the widget works, but clicking mail notification on top of screen still doesn't link to email inbox.
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